Hogan Announces 2015 GSD Award Recipient

Dr. Joyce Hogan’s business philosophy was simple: get stuff done. It’s because of this approach that our organization experiences continued success year after year.

In honor of Joyce’s legacy, we’re proud to announce that this year’s recipient of the Joyce Hogan GSD Award, an annual award given to the Hogan employee who most closely embodies the GSD attitude, is Rebecca Callahan.

HOGAN_XMAS15_COLOR_42_copy.jpg“Rebecca displayed all of the qualities we look for when selecting an individual for this award,” says Ryan Ross, Hogan’s VP of Global Alliances. “Her high standard of professionalism, initiative to move projects forward, and commitment to innovation truly makes her a unique and special talent.”

As a Global Alliances Consultant, Rebecca’s contributions to Hogan in 2015 literally impacted organizations across the world. She was instrumental in the launch of the Engaging Leader Report, which required her to spend a good portion of the year working in London with our partners at Sirota Business Performance Consulting. She also toured Eastern Europe with Dr. Hogan, presenting to business leaders at various events in Poland and Serbia. In addition, Rebecca continued to provide first-class service and expertise for Hogan distributors all over the globe.

“We’re all really proud of Rebecca,” says Ross. “She’s an extremely talented individual, and a tremendous asset for our organization.”

Congratulations, Rebecca! Cheers to another great year in 2016.