Hogan Attends ATP Conference

image1.jpgHogan has been an integral part of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) since its formation. This year, five members of Hogan including Tomas Chamarro-Premuzic, CEO and Partner; Blaine Gaddis, Senior Manager of Product Research; Kimberly Nei, Manager of Client Research; Jennifer Lowe, Manager of Corporate Solutions and Krista Pederson, Director Asia Pacific Business Development, attended the 17th annual Innovations in Testing Conference held in Orlando, Florida.

The following are some highlights:

  • Tomas was a featured speaker, enlightening the crowd about talent analytics in the reputation economy.
  • Blaine led a cross-divisional panel to discuss the fine line between sufficient and excessive testing in the market; Kimberly participated as a panelist providing expertise from the I/O perspective.
  • Jennifer Lowe spoke on a panel that discussed learning how to manage mobile testing.
  • Krista participated in the Hackathon, a competition in which teams compete to develop the best concept and viable business plan around a given topic. This year’s topic was Ethics and Integrity. Krista’s team won.
  • As Chair of the I/O Division, Blaine helped to organize the division’s networking reception, where he announced and welcomed Kimberly as the division’s new Secretary.
  • As a Board Member of the ATP Asia Board and Steering Committee, Krista participated in the ATP Asia division lunch as well as an International lunch where ATP Asia Board Member Professor Zhang Houcang was honored as the “Mother of Assessment” in China.

In addition to these activities, the Hogan team attended learning sessions on various topics including:

  • Human-centered innovation
  • How to change the conversation and perception about testing in the general public
  • Item translation in target languages
  • Using HR tools across developing countries
  • Using automated video interviews for selection
  • Evaluating validation methods and answering challenging client questions on validation
  • Implications of the transition from computer to mobile and tablet-based testing
  • Emerging applications for noncognitive assessments in talent development
  • Design considerations for developing short form assessments in a digital world

Lots of learning and fun all around! If you have any questions or would like to learn any more about the above topics, please comment below!