Hogan Launches Innovative Global Training Program for 2017

Level_2Hogan launched a new, innovative Global Learning Program for 2017 that aims to enable users to apply Hogan personality data toward solving real-world business problems.

With thousands of people across the globe certified to administer feedback for the Hogan assessment suite, the new program will offer a more robust and in-depth curriculum by revamping the Level I Certification Workshop and creating a new Level II Certification Workshop teaching more advanced interpretation and feedback skills.

“What we discovered through feedback from our clients is that they love learning about Hogan and the science behind our products,” says Jackie VanBroekhoven Sahm, Hogan’s Director of Global Learning. “However, we learned that our participants left our workshops wanting more, so we created additional learning programs to meet their needs. We believe it is our responsibility to deliver high-quality programs that prepare and inspire our learners to use our tools to make the world a better place to work.”

The standard rate for both levels taken consecutively will be $3,200 beginning January 1, 2017. Stand-alone pricing will be $2,300 for Level I and $1,200 for Level II. Hogan will pilot the new program in the US before implementing it abroad.

“We’re excited to get this new program underway,” says Sahm. “Our mission at Hogan has always been to leverage the science of personality to improve the global workforce, and it all starts with equipping Hogan users with the tools and knowledge necessary to accomplish that goal.”

For a detailed overview and list of 2017 Level I and Level II workshops, visit hogancertification.com.