Distributor Spotlight: 3 Minute Mile


3 Minute Mile is a London-based consultancy that has been working with Hogan for more than 15 years. The 3MM team works with organizations, including some of the largest globally, to help them achieve peak performance through agility and effective leadership.

The bold choice to name the company 3 Minute Mile reflects a commitment to excellence and pushing the boundaries of human performance. At one point, many believed that it would be impossible for humans to run a sub-four-minute mile. However, on the May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister did just that at Oxford University’s Iffley Road Track. The three-minute mile is now the new frontier for mile runners to pursue.

About 3MM

The 3MM team values progress, impact, excellence, detail, and respect. You can expect them to create innovative approaches to solve problems, deliver solutions based on validated personality assessments, and provide responsive and efficient service. Their main areas of expertise include leadership, personality, and inspiration, and they implement those in executive development and coaching projects. They also offer a variety of competency-based strategies to assist prestigious clients around the world.

How 3MM Aligns with Hogan’s Values

Hogan commitment to customer relationships is mirrored by the 3MM team’s stellar reputation for customer service. At the beginning of 2021, all organizations were beginning to reemerge and readjust to life in our new world. While much has changed, the 3MM team knows how important the customer is and remains committed to delivering world-class service. At Hogan headquarters we consistently get feedback that responses from 3MM are swift, valuable, and friendly. You can always expect to get service with a smile and a wave from 3MM!

2021 Wins

This has been a successful year. Here are just a few of 3MM’s accomplishments:

  • Assisting a worldwide sustainable technology brand for selection and development purposes. The organization began using Hogan’s Leadership Forecast Series at the senior executive level and has expanded to using the Hogan competency model as well.
  • Working with a multinational information technology and electronics company to use Hogan’s assessments for executive assessments. 3MM was able to beat out another assessment firm who was the incumbent provider.
  • Setting up an integration with a multinational telecommunications company. We are excited to see the impact of embedding Hogan in the company’s programs!