Distributor Spotlight: Advanced People Strategies

Advanced People Strategies logo

Since 2004, Advanced People Strategies (APS) has been an authorized Hogan distributor and provider of leadership and organizational development in the United Kingdom. Having certified more than 4,200 clients in the Hogan personality assessments and provided around 83,000 reports, APS is a key distributor for Hogan.

About the Advanced People Strategies Team

Founded by Chris Humphreys in 2003, the company’s name reflects the team’s ongoing aspiration to be a trusted partner to clients. APS strives to provide the best tools and techniques that can visibly improve people skills and organizational capabilities. All senior consultants have experience working in various industry sectors, which helps them better understand and support client needs.

To promote awareness of Hogan, the IT and Learning & Development teams use the latest virtual skills development technology to provide online meeting simulations and facilitator-led learning sessions for remote and office-based participants all over the world. Development needs identified by Hogan’s assessments and real-world simulation assessments are quickly translated to learnable tools and techniques through facilitated learning and skills practice sessions online. These tools allow organizations to maximize value by investing in targeted skills development.

We asked the APS team a few questions to help you learn more about their important work in the UK market.

Where have you seen the most growth in the UK market?

Executive recruitment firms have been a key sector showing interest in Hogan tools. The quality of Hogan assessments helps recruiters add real depth for their clients in understanding their candidates as part of the selection process. In a difficult market, using Hogan tools has supported these organizations as they expand their range of services and focus on leadership and executive team development activities to differentiate themselves.

What is the number-one lesson you’ve learned from responding to the COVID-19 crisis?

Agility is key. Being able to adapt to changing circumstances is critical to both our mental health and business continuity. The UK has had to cope with uncertainty from Brexit, government elections, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Turning on the news can have such a negative effect. In times of crisis, real leaders emerge to offer hope and inspiration. They are often humble and dismissive of their impact, but they make a difference.  

What are you most excited to see happen in 2021?

Being able to meet clients and colleagues face-to-face. We believe we are stepping into a paradigm shift regarding the nature of work. As many people and organizations have been forced to work from home for so long, benefits are emerging. Office requirements, business travel, and support for supply chains will change. Leaders have a lot to do and consider, and their selection and development is more critical than ever.