Distributor Spotlight: Alto Impacto


Alto Impacto, one of Hogan’s authorized distributors, is a leading HR and talent consulting firm with global presence managed by senior consultants who are leaders in their fields and practices and who have gained experience in multinational companies and top international consulting firms.

Located in Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, Alto Impacto has been a leading source of information and methodologies for applying science to talent processes in talent acquisition, leadership, coaching, culture transformation, as well as talent, team, and organizational development.

Alto Impacto has helped and supported local and global firms from all industries since 1998 and has represented and distributed Hogan Assessments since 2009. Alto Impacto uses specific models and methodologies to assess and help develop individuals, teams, and organizations. Their focus on putting together a precise and customized assessment solution for each client distinguishes them from other HR consulting firms.

Achieving Team and Organizational Effectiveness

Alto Impacto’s process for building organizational effectiveness is structured and systematic. Alto Impacto begins by gaining a very clear understanding of stakeholder needs and expectations and then translates those into key performance indicators and ideal organizational skills.

All of Alto Impacto’s consultancy projects involve an in-depth analysis of the current capabilities of the organization, including its teams, leaders, and collaborators. Alto Impacto defines key improvement initiatives for them, supports their progress, and helps them develop their individual, team, and organizational skills and competencies that impact key business indicators.

Alto Impacto also has broad experience developing programs for strategic talent attraction and organizational development, including executive search, talent mapping, succession planning, leadership development, onboarding processes, among other services.

Alto Impacto focuses on generating business results by improving the effectiveness of organizations and teams, as well as their talent and leaders. They build personalized solutions to develop individual contributors, leaders, teams, and organizational culture, and they support clients to help them gain a sustainable competitive advantage.