Distributor Spotlight: Assessment Systems


Two decades ago, Robert Hogan, PhD, approached Rosta Benák, an emerging Czech I/O psychologist, about laying the foundation of online personality assessment in Central Europe using the solutions of Hogan Assessments. Thanks to their professional relationship, Assessment Systems was founded. The enthusiasm and professionalism of the Assessment Systems team, combined with a glocal* approach to business and HR consulting, made Assessment Systems the market leader in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Assessment Systems has since earned the long-lasting trust of many satisfied regional and global clients and has become a key player in HR consultancy in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) regions.

*Note: “Glocal” is not a typo; it is a global approach with local adaptation.

“Assessment Systems has been our partner in our top management team development, along with our strategic talent management projects, over the last years. They always demonstrated responsible and professional approach with high-quality standards and confidentiality. We highly value the level of client service and engagement, along with high prudence of all of their people.”

—E.L. Pacyna

Deputy Department Director

Head of L&D and Assessment Department of HR Policy

Norilskyi Nikel

Started in the Czech Republic, the Assessment Systems team grew continuously, opening international offices with local staff in Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Russia, and Kazakhstan. Currently more than 60 consultants who speak 14 different languages work together to help their clients with talent management. In 2020 alone, Assessment Systems served more than 900 satisfied corporate clients globally, accommodating clients’ needs and helping them navigate changing circumstances caused by the global pandemic.  

“What our clients like the most about Hogan Assessments is that it works! And it works better than anything else out there.”

Rostislav Benák

Chairman of the Board

“It is amazing and priceless to get such a deep and precise analyses of a personality that allows to develop people and make science-based HR decisions that helps companies reach their strategic goals with fewer mistakes!”

Aleksey Buryachenko

Managing Partner Russia, Kazakhstan, and CIS

“If you would like to understand the full complexity and nature of someone’s personality, call Hogan. This is the only assessment that is able to show us the controversial nature of people. As one of our clients said: Hogan is so precise as if someone installed cameras in their office and I got the recording.”

Gábor Füzér

Country Manager, Hungary

Client Case Study: From a Local Project to International Business

Let’s have a look at how it all works in practice with an example of a successful project. It all started when a team at a global management consulting company was looking for a soft-skills development project that would take into account the individuality of each participant. The client was not interested in yet another generic soft-skills training session.

There was no doubt that involving Hogan and working with each participant’s personality assessment results on an individual level would offer what the client desired — and the project was a success. Positive feedback quickly spread to other teams, and Assessment Systems soon started delivering additional training sessions for other multinational teams at all organizational levels. Consultants in or from Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and Serbia delivered the trainings first for international groups, then later in the local languages for local teams. The sessions covered a big variety of topics, including leadership skills.

Every individual who joined the trainings learned how personality shapes success at work and strategies for individual development. The client liked the “know thyself” style of the trainings so much that they decided to organize a certification workshop for their HR professionals, expanding the use of the Hogan personality assessments to other in-house projects.

Searching for a localized, global solution in the CEE and CIS regions? Contact Assessment Systems.