Distributor Spotlight: ThreeFish Consulting


Ever since ThreeFish Consulting became an authorized Hogan distributor in India in 2016, ThreeFish has successfully focused its efforts on people and organizational capability consulting. ThreeFish takes great pride in applying behavioral science to its approaches in helping people and organizations operate at their true potential.

ThreeFish Consulting has made a great impact in India with Hogan Assessments Certification workshops, with 959 participants certified to date and a strong network of Hogan certification graduates. The International Coaching Federation has approved ThreeFish’s Hogan Assessments Certification Workshops for 15 CCEUs (Continued Coach Education Units).

Additionally, ThreeFish has developed a robust ecosystem in India and is positioned as a thought leader in the market, serving global and Indian clients and multinational consulting firms. ThreeFish understands the importance of psychometrics for use in selection and development of talent in India and is a leader in research and client solutions in their market. ThreeFish also works with other Hogan distributors and independent practitioners for expanding Hogan’s reach and impact in India.

About the CEO

Pradnya Parasher, PhD, is an accomplished human resources and leadership development executive with 25-plus years of experience in strategic HR, talent management, and executive assessment and coaching. Dr. Parasher brings broad experience across varied industries and deep understanding of workplace behavior and organizational dynamics to her work. She has provided hundreds of feedback sessions to leaders on Hogan and ensures that scientific rigor is applied to all Hogan solutions across client deliveries. Pragmatic and results focused, she believes in human potential for transformation.

She is coauthor of the book, The Secret Life of Organizations: Invisible Rules of Success for the Young Indian Professional, which gives an insider view of what makes organizations tick and helps young professionals take the smart path to the top. She earned her PhD in industrial-organizational psychology from the University of South Florida, and she is a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a life member of the National HRD Network in India

Distributor Q&A:

  1. How did you first hear of Hogan and what sold you on it?

I first heard about Hogan in 2010 when I was working at a large US Technology company where I was running a global leadership assessment and development program.  Hogan’s research base, framework of socio-analytic theory and comprehensiveness of the assessment mode – Bright side, Dark side and Inside of the person – convinced me about adopting Hogan assessments in my work.

2. How do you predict the India market to change following the COVID-19 pandemic?

We see steady and continued investment in leadership assessment and development in India. Succession planning and assessing leadership potential for future growth are key priorities for many of our clients, where Hogan insights are being leveraged.

3. Throughout your time of working with Hogan, what is the best client success story that you can share?

There are many success stories. The one that we take most pride in is where our client, a large, Indian multi-national agro-business, used Hogan insights to assess their global leadership talent pool and then used the data for focused leadership development using coaching.