Hogan to Discuss Leadership Development in Dublin

Hogan’s Ryan Ross and Blaine Gaddis along with Cicek Svensson of Comms Multilingual will discuss the challenges of global leadership development and why “One Size Doesn’t Have to Fit All” at the E-ATP Conference in Dublin, Ireland on September 23.

As European companies like HSBC, Maersk, and IKEA continue to expand globally, they all are faced with similar challenges when developing talent globally – how to address local languages, customs, norms, and values when dealing with individualized development programs.

Common practice suggests a one-size-fits-all approach, but a more customized method that addresses the individual’s local needs, customs, and beliefs while maintaining a consistent global standard may be more beneficial for both the individual and the organization.

Ross, Gaddis, and Svensson will use two case studies to illustrate how using equivalent assessments and program goals in local languages can standardize data for the organization, allowing a comparison of talent, while preserving the ability to customize the overall participant experience. The team will also discuss how customized feedback, development planning, and learning events can enrich the program to meet the organizational and participant goals well beyond a traditional ‘canned’ program.

To learn more about the event, visit www.eatpconference.eu.com.