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Culture Matters

An array of Asian flags wave against a blue sky. The photo was shot from a low angle and accompanies a blog post about why culture matters.

Do different types of leaders emerge in different markets? How do personality and culture impact cross-border business? Find out here.

How to Lead a Creative Team

Three people discuss a creative project while seated around an off-white office table. At the right, a medium-skinned person with long coiled light brown hair and a pink blouse gestures to the other two with a pencil in their hand. The other two people look at the speaker and are smiling slightly. The dark-skinned person in the center has short hair and is wearing a brown plaid shirt unbuttoned over a green tee-shirt. They are holding a pencil and clipboard. Pictured at left, a light-skinned person with long straight copper hair and a light blue blouse is holding color swatches with their arm rested atop the table. Various color swatches, paper, other work materials, and a turquoise coffee cup also sit on the table.

Not everyone has the skills needed to lead a creative team. Find out which five are most necessary for leading creative teams effectively.