Hogan U Wrap-Up

HoganUEarlier this month, Hogan’s Global Alliances team was proud to host nearly two dozen individuals from around the world for the first edition of Hogan University, later coined Hogan U. Held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the Hogan headquarters reside, the event featured three days of presentations, training sessions, and interactions with the Tulsa staff. As always, there were several opportunities for great food, drinks, and conversation to please all of us with high Hedonism and Affiliation scores.

Hogan U was created to accelerate the Hogan-related learning and orientation of our international distributors’ high-potential employees. The curriculum focuses on several primary interests from our distributor network, including direct selling techniques, marketing and social media tactics, competency-based solutions, and new Hogan products.

Further, the event provided significant takeaways for the Hogan team itself. For me, time with our global network always confirms an important perspective: each of our international distributors faces unique challenges in their respective territories; however, every market has an appetite for the use of personality assessments to predict performance. Our team is tasked with the challenge, albeit exciting, to understand each market intimately and address various challenges, all the while knowing that the need for valid, predictable personality assessments is everywhere.

We are thrilled that our international guests embraced the event whole-heartedly and received some great pieces of information to take back to their home countries and organizations. Personally, I’m also delighted our guests enjoyed Tulsa’s southern charm, honky-tonk and all.

For pictures of the Hogan U Welcome Reception and conference, please see our Facebook page.