Hogan Visits Singapore


The Hogan team including Dr. Robert Hogan, Ryan Ross, Wendy Howell, and Krista Pederson joined Hogan distributor Optimal Consulting in Singapore last week for two days of events.  On February 28, Hogan and Optimal cosponsored the HR Tech Conference in Singapore which covered topics related to digital technology, AI, and maintaining a future outlook for the HR Industry in Asia. As the keynote to the conference, Dr. Hogan spoke on Personality and the Fate of Organizations and presented an elite invite-only session on Identifying the Future-Oriented High Potential. Ryan Ross led a panel about Skilling Your Workforce from 3.0 to 4.0, and Krista and the Optimal team held further discussions about Hogan at the Hogan Optimal booth.

Following up with the topic of Technology and the HR field in Asia, Dr. Hogan presented on Digital Leadership at an exclusive event held by Optimal on March 1. He discussed about how the characteristics for good leaders including Integrity, Competence, Judgment, and Vision, do not change based on technology. He maintained that these characteristics are essential for growing and maintaining high performing teams. He warned, however, that if leaders do not pay attention and adapt to new technology, these leaders will quickly fall by the way side.

Taking a deeper dive into one of these important leader characteristics, Ryan Ross presented on Judgment and how leaders can learn from their mistakes. He maintained that making bad decisions are a part of the learning process; however, what is most important is the ability for a leader to learn from her mistakes and move forward.

After a lively Q&A session entitled “Ask Bob and Ryan Anything,” Ryan presented on the topic of Safety. He explained how personality is an essential factor to safety in the workplace that has been overlooked in traditional behavioral-based safety programs and protocols. He explained the importance of incorporating personality data from the start as part of overall safety training and provided keen insights on how to implement personality as an essential element to any company’s safety program.

Hogan has been partners with Optimal in Singapore for over 13 years and is a key Hogan Distributor across the East and Southeast Asian markets. We look forward to continued cooperation with Optimal and greater brand awareness and growth for Hogan across the Asia markets.