Hogan Welcomes THUOPER to Global Alliances Practice

ThouperHogan announced a strategic partnership with THUOPER S.A.S (Tools for Human and Organizational Performance), a provider of assessment and consulting solutions in Colombia and Peru, to support the global reach of its clients. Thuoper joins an industry-leading network of international partners operating in more than 56 countries across six continents.

“Thuoper plans to use Hogan to enhance performance and add value to organizations,” said Liliana Lopez, President at Thuoper. “Having Hogan’s portfolio of assessments will be a significant improvement for customers in our market.”

Founded in 1999, Thuoper has headquarters in Bogota, as well as offices in Medellin and Lima, and employs 19 individuals. They have been using Hogan assessments since 2012.

“Hogan is rapidly becoming one of the top recognized brands across all of Latin America, thanks to the hard work & efforts of our in-country distributors,” said Dustin Hunter, consultant on the global alliances team at Hogan. “We are very excited to include Thuoper as a business partner to meet rising demand for talent management services. Our partnership is particularly timely as many multi-national corporations are funneling out of traditional South American markets (for political and economic reasons) for more favorable business conditions in Colombia. These same MNC’s are now heavily investing resources and relying on best-in-class human capital initiatives to ensure the right people are in leadership positions. Thuoper’s strategic market position and geographic dispersion will allow them to capitalize on the region’s explosive growth and we are privileged to count them as our new partner.”