How to Avoid Setting Off Your Boss


Most of us have had a bad boss, whether a micromanager who constantly looked over your shoulder or a walking landmine whose attitudes would change on a dime. Unfortunately, career success depends as much, if not more, on your ability to get along with your boss as it does on actual talent or job performance. But what if you could use your bosses’ terrible qualities to your advantage?

“Managers are just like any other human: unique but predictable; complex, until you realize what makes them tick,” said Hogan CEO Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. “The best way to get along with your bosses is to profile them. Figure out who they are, what they want, and why they behave the way they do. Then, adjust your behavior to fit with their style.”

Hogan’s new dark side website,, gives users the ability to select their bosses’ dark side characteristics and see how to modify their behavior to avoid setting them off. Check it out at