The HPI Turns 3…Million!

Hogan’s status as a global innovator in personality assessment is nothing new. In 1998, after administering the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) in more traditional formats for years, we were the first test publisher to develop a web-based assessment platform. After we fully integrated the system to score HPI results for personnel selection and employee development in 2001, our online platform became the most popular way to complete the HPI. As a result, we hit a new milestone in 2016, surpassing over 3 million HPI assessments on our core platform. Put another way, we’ve administered the HPI using just this one platform to more people than the entire population of Chicago, Illinois.

Looking Back
As the popularity of the internet and the success of our online business grew, so did HPI usage. In 2001 we used our platform to administer the HPI about 2,000 times. In 2015, that number was over 350,000. It took 9 years to cross the 1 million mark, 5 years to hit 2 million, and less than 3 years to cross 3 million.


Looking Ahead
2016 usage to date (May 1st) suggests that we will continue to surpass marks set in previous years. And at the current rate of growth, we should cross the 4 million mark sometime during the spring or summer of 2018. Furthermore, with the advent of Hogan X and our ever-growing list of clients, partners, and global distributors, we plan to hit that number even sooner.

The Bottom Line
The HPI remains the global standard for assessing personality in normal working adults. Organizations recognize this fact as evidenced by continuous demand for the HPI over the last 15 years despite national and international economic market conditions. More importantly, the demand for our flagship assessment has only increased over that time, and existing data suggest that those trends will continue in the coming years. When global organizations want to hire the right people, develop talented employees, build great leaders, and impact the bottom line, they ask for the HPI.