Launch of GMAC Reflect

ReflectFive words: Online, interactive, competency development report.

These words have never been used in the same sentence to describe any type of personality assessment output, ever. To that end, Hogan is proud to announce the launch of GMAC Reflect. Over the last 2 years Hogan (myself included) has worked alongside the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) to create Reflect, a self-directed customized learning experience for MBA students.

GMAC, as you may know, is the power behind the business school GMAT exam for prospective MBA students. However, Reflect was created in an effort to provide self development programs to their core market. Reflect is also very affordable because we know students will be buying it directly. A Reflect ID/login is valid for 3 years, so you can log back in and see the newest learning resources and text.

Reflect measures graduate students across 10 business competencies that aim to enhance professional interactions, job performance and career prospects. GMAC conducted a wide variety of focus groups and corporate surveys to solidify the key competencies that cover over 80% of existing corporate competency models. Ultimately, the differentiator here is that the assessment and the personal development tool are online and can be used without a facilitator or coach.

Each individual competency offers detailed information based on a person’s score as well as related learning resources that are meant to enhance your skills and behaviors. There are also targeted actionable tips to improve your performance. In true Hogan speak, Reflect also provides a list of 12 behaviors to start, stop, and keep doing based on your scores. Students can then add learning resources, recommended actions, and tips from the report to a customizable work plan. Lastly, Reflect offers a career benchmarking section where an individual can compare their own competency scores against high-performing professionals in 14 business careers. This feature is aimed at the competitive MBA student to fully understand how their own behaviors might be measuring up.