Meet metaBeratung in Dusseldorf, Zurich and Munich

metalogo.pngmetaBeratung, our Hogan Distributor in Germany, Switzerland and Austria is featuring three interesting client events in October/November. HR Executives from Vossloh (rail technology), Erste Bank Group (banking) and Mondi (packaging & paper) will share useful insights on how the Hogan Assessments add value to their ongoing talent selection and development programs. The first event will be held in Düsseldorf, October 4 starting at 5pm: Christina Karschti, Head of Organizational Management and Training will talk about Vossloh’s leadership team and how they went from topmanager to become a cultural change ambassador. She will share insights of a 14-day offsite teaming event.

Coming up next is Zurich, October 20 where Mag. Natalia Corrales-Diez, Alternative Investment Fund Manager, will show how Erste Bank Group, the oldest credit institution in Austria, is using Hogan Assessments in talent mapping: ‘for best students’ as well as ‘career with kids’ are two innovative investment funds the bank has set-up to financially support these target groups. How the Hogan Assessments help keeping the credit failure rate low? Come and join metaBeratung for this session at Steigenberger Bellerive au Lac, Zurich.

Last but not least, it’s Munich: November 16, Ulrike Rams, Head of Talent Management Europe & International will be showing how Hogan Assessments add value to development centers of their national high potential program. Join her and the metaBeratung team at 5pm at Louis Hotel, Munich.

If you have any further questions with regard to the events or would like to register, please contact