MVPI Item Themes


MVPI ThumbThe Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory identifies the core goals, drivers, and interests that determine what gets people to the office each day. The MVPI consists of 10 primary scales, which are further divided into five item themes. The MVPI item themes provide additional interpretive power by categorizing participants’ responses to the questions that compose each MVPI scale.

MVPI Item Themes:

  • Lifestyles – The manner in which a person would like to live
  • Beliefs – “Shoulds”, ideals, and ultimate life goals
  • Occupational Preferences – The work an individual would like to do, what constitutes a good job, and preferred work materials
  • Aversions – Reflects attitudes and behaviors that are either disliked or distressing
  • Preferred Associates – The kind of people desired as coworkers and friends

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