Podcast: Dr. Hogan Discusses Future of High Potential Programs

HRD Connect LogoIt’s no secret that identifying high potentials (HIPOs) is a hot topic in the global discussion on talent management, and for good reason. Those who hold leadership positions today will inevitably move on or retire. Thus the need to identify and develop successors is vital to the future of organizations worldwide.

Numerous organizations across the globe have implemented HIPO programs to groom the next generation of leaders. Unfortunately, most organizations are not very good at identifying HIPOs. Instead of using data and objective measures that are backed by science, companies tend to promote those who emerge, such as the confident, charismatic, and politically savvy individuals. However, science tells us those who emerge are often ineffective.

In an interview with HRD Connect in Amsterdam, Dr. Hogan addressed the HIPO topic, and offers his top tips for assessing employee potential.

If HIPOs are critical to the success and sustainability of your organization, contact a Hogan consultant or visit hoganhipo.com.