Reflect by GMAC

ReflectHogan and the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) partnered to launch Reflect by GMAC, the first self-directed, personality-based development tool designed to bring the power of self-awareness to B-school students.

Reflect evaluates personal and professional qualities deemed imperative in today’s workplace by 800 corporate recruiters. It provides concrete action items to help individuals learn more about themselves, improve their strengths, and address their weaknesses. The Reflect tool is the only interactive platform that goes beyond results to provide a personalized action plan, library, and benchmarking data from 14 job functions.

The assessment measures 10 key competencies:

  • Innovation – generates new and unique ideas
  • Operational Thinking – works efficiently and effectively
  • Decision Making – selects best course of action
  • Strategic Vision – combines own ideas with others
  • Strategic Self-Awareness – recognizes own strengths and weaknesses
  • Resilience – performs well under pressure
  • Drive – holds high standards for self and others
  • Interpersonal Intuition – adjusts communications to audience
  • Valuing Others – builds trust-based relationships
  • Collaboration – promotes team accomplishments

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