Robert Hogan Tours Europe with Awair and 3 Minute Mile

191014-Hogan-Paris-01*This guest post was authored by Giuliana Mason, Marketing & Communications Manager for Awair.

Effective Leadership: It’s Not What You Think

Is Humility the new Effectiveness when it comes to leadership-related topics? It’s what two different international audiences, in Paris and London, respectively, were able to discuss with Dr. Robert Hogan earlier in October.

The events were organized by Awair, Hogan Distributor in Italy, France, and Spain – and 3 Minute Mile, Hogan Distributor in the UK. The two consultancies merged at the beginning of 2019 and operate now as a single company, although both through their original brand names.

In Paris, Dr. Hogan delivered his speech in the academic context of ESCE business school, with whom Awair partnered for this special occasion. Some 200 among HR managers, consultants, and executive search professionals attended the event, along with undergraduate students who gladly welcomed the opportunity to listen to the talk of one of the greatest I/O psychologists of our times, also taking part in the lively Q&A session which followed.

Same interest, different setting in London: in this case, 3 Minute Mile’s brand new office in Hammersmith hosted Dr. Hogan for a more intimate, peer-to-peer discussion with around 60 HR experts and managers who were lucky and quick enough to be able to book a place at the event, as it sold out in just a few hours.

Once again, Dr. Hogan’s direct style and compelling reasoning brought great food for thought to listeners: why is charisma so (over)rated? What is the difference between Emergence and Effectiveness, and how to recognize both trends in a leader? What are the main traits of a really successful business leader? Among those, humility is an important one, with all its consequences: being able to listen and to learn from others and from experience, to reckon own team contribution, to foster a trial-and-error culture, to nurture trust, openness, and personal development. The list goes on and embraces several of the features often associated with thriving leadership in the era of digital disruption.

Here is video footage from the events: