SIOP 2012 Session – Theory-Driven, Personality-Based Leadership Development


SIOPDrs. Robert and Joyce Hogan will be joined by Robert Kaiser of Kaiser Leadership Solutions, Darren Overfield of Kaplan DeVries, Inc, Maret Kassner and Rene Kusch of Metaberatung GmbH, Michael Benson of Johnson & Johnson, and Peter Moser of Swissport International Ltd, to present 4 integrated presentations on the topic of theory-driven, personality-based leadership development.

This session will demonstrate how the socioanalytic theory of personality can inform the development of managers into better leaders. It features an overview of the theory, new research, application models, and a case study of a global project to develop airport managers.

The session will be held Thursday, April 26 at the 27th Annual SIOP Conference in San Diego.