SIOP 2012 Speaker Schedule



I-O experts from Hogan’s Research and Consulting divisions will showcase advances in personality research during six sessions, symposia, panel discussions, practice forums, and poster sessions at the 27th Annual SIOP Conference in San Diego. 



Reality Check: Explaining Complex Testing Approaches to End Users

Modern testing systems are saturated with valuable but complex concepts such as adaptive testing, detailed candidate reports, and nonlinear scoring. Yet, methods must still be explained, in detail and for high stakes, to lay end users (e.g., applicants, hiring managers). Panelists discuss the perils and opportunities therein.
Greg Barnett

Theory-Driven, Personality-Based Leadership Development

This session includes 4 integrated presentations that collectively demonstrate how the socioanalytic theory of personality (Hogan, 1983, 2007) can inform the development of managers into better leaders. It features an overview of the theory, new research, application models, and a case study of a global project to develop airport managers.
Robert Hogan, Joyce Hogan

Predicting Entry-Level Performance Using Facet-Level, Personality-Based Employability Scales

This study examined the predictive validity of a facet-level, personality-based employability measure in relation to entry-level job performance. Across 4 studies, various personality-based employability scales were predictive of supervisors’ ratings of overall performance. Organizations could benefit from using facet-level personality-based employability measures to screen in applicants for entry-level jobs.
Ashley Palmer, Dara Pickering


Do Values Really Differ by Generation? A Multi-Assessment Review

One of the most popular topics in management training and development literature is managing workers from different generations. Results will be presented that represent a unique and comprehensive examination of generational differences in individual workplace values and interests to test the popular assumption that differences exist between generations.
Kevin Meyer, Jeff Foster

Cross-Cultural Testing Considerations for a Variety of Item Types
As organizations are becoming globally focused, considerations regarding assessment programs are necessary to ensure that the programs remain technically sound. This session presents 4 papers that describe the cross-cultural considerations when using 4 popular item types in global assessment programs. The findings of these studies will be summarized.
Dara Pickering, Stephen Nichols


The Personality of Patient Care: Increasing Leadership Impact in Healthcare

Leader performance is critical for the effectiveness of healthcare organizations as they navigate current challenges and a future of volatility. The research presented in this symposium/forum focuses on methods for leveraging personality assessments and engagement surveys as a means to identify and develop healthcare leaders in this unique environment.
Ashley Palmer, Adam Vassar