Talent Vs. Motivation



“Talent is performance minus effort,” writes Hogan CEO Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic; meaning that when two people are putting equal effort into getting something done, the more talented person will generally do better. Conversely, when two people are equally talented, the one with more motivation usually has the better outcome. So what does that mean in terms predicting future performance?

For decades, researchers have made the argument that practice and motivation make the difference in the ability to master a task, not innate talent. Tiger Woods might have been the youngest winner of The Masters in history, but he already had 18 years of dedication to the sport by the time he arrived at the tournament. Having natural ability helps, but motivation is the driving force that determines success or failure. Although our motivation occasionally varies, it is consistent enough overall to make our performance predictable in the long run. Being talented is great, but drive and ambition are necessary if you want to develop your talent.

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