WEBINAR—Team Effectiveness: Moving Target or Continuous Journey?

Leadership_You’re Invited ImageThe demanding nature of today’s globalized markets has forced organizations to be ever reliant on teams for breakthrough solutions that keep them ahead of the competition. While effective teamwork is still necessary for success, today’s teams face far bigger obstacles than teams of the past.

Stumbling blocks of late include the modern team’s makeup, which is usually arranged to flex with the continuously evolving business landscape: they tend to be more diverse, operate in a digital environment, and are increasingly dynamic. Perhaps these challenges are behind the alarming statistic that only 1 in 5 teams are considered high performing!

Dr. Gordon Curphy, famed author of The Rocket Model, will guest-host this upcoming webinar, brought to you by Hogan’s Solutions Partner Team. Dr. Curphy will be discussing the elements of team effectiveness, pitfalls to avoid, and how a consultant can use the Team Assessment Survey in conjunction with individuals’ Hogan results to help struggling teams of the Fortune 500 get back on track. More specifically, we review how to effectively deploy and utilize these metrics in the following talent management initiatives:

  • Team off-site facilitation
  • Leadership coaching & development
  • Succession planning

As always, supportive data, practical take-aways, and tales of success will be in abundance! You will also learn about your chance to register for the next TAS Workshop in Chicago on September 12-13.

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Team Effectiveness: Moving Target or Continuous Journey?
Thursday, August 23, 2018
11:00 am | Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00) | 1 hr
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