When your Dark Side Goes Viral

Here in the Hogan marketing department, we spend quite a bit of time talking about the dark side of personality – the way people experience us when we are at our worst.

There are three reasons for this:

First, we were the first, and remain the only personality assessment provider that deals with dark side personality characteristics.

Second, derailment, the often-disastrous, sometimes headline-worthy result of succumbing to your dark side tendencies, is the most demonstrable example of personality’s effect on our lives.

Finally, every now and then, the particular manner in which someone derails is downright hilarious. Like in the case of the Winnebago Man.

Winnebago Man is a (sort of) censored version of an outtake reel from a 1980s Winnebago infomercial. The seven-plus-minute clip features RV salesman Jack Rebney having a profanity-laden on-the-job meltdown that became so famous, it inspired an award-winning documentary.

Watch at your own risk.