Why Hogan? Five Points

Here are five powerful points that boast the unique, competitive aspects of Hogan:

1. In the Workplace, Reputation is Everything

For 25+ years we have been analyzing Hogan assessment data in coordination with employee reviews, job analyses, and other well defined metrics (e.g. accident rates or units produced). Therefore, we can accurately predict performance in the workplace across jobs and settings. The resulting objective, reputational narrative is also used to build the strategic self-awareness that is necessary for sustainable development.

2. Capture Individual Complexities

Motivation, day-to-day approach, derailing behaviors, and good judgment are independent domains. Since each of our corresponding assessments was built around separate research and models, we can capture the complexities that define the nuances of an individual. Doing so provides opportunity for more in-depth interpretation to make accurate selection decisions and drive greater commitment to development plans.

3. Percentiles Differentiate Individuals

Human behavior is complex and the chosen measurement should reflect this concept. By presenting data with percentiles, we can differentiate people. In predicting workplace performance it is far more useful and important to understand how prominent a characteristic is in an individual rather than simply determining if there is a general presence or absence of a trait.

4. HDS is the Only Valid Measure of Derailers

To date the HDS is the only valid assessment of an individual’s derailer behaviors; those behaviors that get in the way of relationships, performance, and leadership. Researchers have used the HDS to predict occupational performance across a range of jobs and industries. The HDS has appeared in top peer-reviewed journals including the International Journal of Selection and Assessment as well as Leadership Quarterly.

5. Meets Standards for Selection Worldwide

Hogan assessments meet requirements for selection purposes in some of the strictest markets, such as the US, Australia, and South Africa. Extensive third party reviews of the Hogan inventories support their usage for selection across the globe. The Buros Center for Testing, the British Psychological Society (BPS), and the Psychometrics Committee of the Health Professions Council of South Africa have all provided favorable reviews for the Hogan Assessments. The metrics also conform to US EEOC Uniform Guidelines.