Why Personality?


Say you apply for a job. You take an assessment to see if you’re the right fit for the company and the role. After you join the company, you take another assessment to gauge your managerial skills. Later you may be part of a team-building exercise, which requires an entirely different assessment. Pretty soon, you’re feeling like this:

Vinz Clortho Louis

According to senior consultant Dr. Kevin Meyer, a lot of companies are dealing with assessment overkill.

“Over time, they’ve adopted specific assessment tools for specific needs,” he said. “In theory, it’s a good approach, but when you use different tools there’s no common framework for a company to use to understand and evaluate its employees.”

Our comprehensive approach to personality assessment provides the depth and detail companies need to hire the right people, identify and develop talented individuals, build better leaders, and improve their bottom line. And because personality is stable over time, our assessments are a useful tool throughout the employee lifecycle.

To learn more, check out this video interview, or read our new eBook, Why Personality?