World-Renowned Artist Completes Large-Scale Project at New Hogan Global HQ

black and white portrait of artist Shantell Martin standing in front of her black and white faces connected as an art pieceShantell Martin, a British artist based in New York City, recently completed a large-scale art project at our new global headquarters in downtown Tulsa. Her work, featured at high-profile venues such as Viacom’s Times Square headquarters, Intel, and Columbia University, is described as a meditation of lines; a language of characters, creatures, and messages created via her trademark style of black markers on white surfaces.

group of people watching artist draw on large white walls As part of the building design of our new state-of-the-art facility, three white wall surface areas were designated as “canvases” for Shantell to apply her unique and edgy style into the finished product of Hogan HQ.Shantell began her work on multiple dividing walls in the first-floor bistro on the north side of the building. Here, she drew inspiration for her work while meeting with Hogan employees throughout the day, incorporating the personalities of each department along the way.
artist shantell martin on a lift painting black and white faces In the southeast corner of Hogan HQ, Shantell used a ladder and mechanical lift to adorn the walls of the 3-story stairwell. This space, located along First Street, will be seen daily by thousands of Tulsans on their work commute, and will be highly visible during the evening hours.
close up of artist shantell martin drawing on a white wall with a black paint pen On the second floor, Shantell went to work on the 20-feet tall library wall. Here, she fused Hogan’s language and culture into her artwork with words such as Bold, Develop, and Reputation.
artist shantell martin speaking to a group of children about her art During her stay in Tulsa, Shantell facilitated an educational art session for local elementary school kids. The event, attended by approximately 50 children and their parents, provided the kids with an opportunity to learn about Shantell’s style and process.

Also during her visit, Shantell went on KTUL’s Good Day Tulsa for a live art demonstration. The segment gave Tulsans a sneak-peak at how Shantell approaches her art, and how quickly she works.

View the video segment.

We’re proud to have Shantell’s work on display at our new Global HQ. Our business is all about personality, and we believe Shantell captured the true identity and reputation of our culture and the quality of products and services we offer to companies across the globe.