You Can Only Predict What You Can Measure

measure11Hiring managers live in the most technologically advanced age yet. We’ve gone digital – our complete work and life experience all neatly splayed out on LinkedIn and Facebook. So why has recruitment not progressed beyond the interview? In his latest blog for The Guardian, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic offers 4 reasons the digital age has yet to revolutionize recruitment.
Reason 1: “You can only predict what you can measure.” Many companies rely on gut instincts in their hiring process which leads to what Chamorro-Premuzic calls “a game of untested predictions, which turns recruitment into a leap of faith.” If companies want a more reliable hiring system, they should take advantage of measurement tools that process the mass of data available in the digital age. Hogan’s assessment suite uncovers the hidden attributes of the shy researcher and removes the mask of charm from a less-skilled candidate so employers can make more informed hiring decisions through psychometric assessments.
Check out reasons 2, 3, and 4 which deal with crowdsourcing talent, data scraping, and gamification in the full blog post.