We appreciate your interest in applied personality research. To submit your proposal, please upload a file as a Word document or PDF below, conforming to the following instructions.


Your proposal should include the following.

  1. The applicant researcher’s updated curriculum vita
    • Be sure to include your name, updated email address, current affiliation, and expected graduation/contract completion date.
  2. A letter of recommendation from the researcher’s advisor to express the advisor’s support in the research project and confidence in the researcher’s abilities to complete the project in a timely manner
  3. A thorough review of the relevant literature to provide context, rationale, and predictions or research questions for your study
    • Be sure to include citations to all references in APA style.
  4. A detailed description of the proposed methods, analyses, and timeline for the project
  5. An explicit description of how the findings can be applied in the real world
  6. Budget needs for both (a) direct research costs and (b) supporting/living costs required to allow the researcher to focus on the project

Please make sure your proposal is complete, clear, and well-written. Proposals that are incomplete or indecipherable may be ignored.

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