The Stakes Are High in Healthcare

An Industry in Critical Condition

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Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry faced a global talent shortage projected to worsen substantially over the next decade. And now? The industry is in critical condition. Having strong talent acquisition and development strategies is no longer optional — it’s vital.

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The number of patients who die annually due to medical error

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The amount of nurses who reported burnout in their current positions in 2017

How We Can Help

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Hire Scientifically

Healthcare organizations rely on science to do business every day — why not use it for selection too? Our talent acquisition solutions are backed by decades’ worth of personality research, so we can help you predict how candidates will perform before you even bring them on board.

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Heal High Turnover

Turnover is endemic in healthcare, and burnout is often the catalyst. In the current climate, the threat of burnout is greater than ever. Knowing what causes these phenomena is key to overcoming them, and personality assessment can give you crucial insight. Retain your best and brightest instead of watching them fizzle out.

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Develop a Culture of Safety

Even the most technically skilled workers can make mistakes, depending on the conditions and their personalities. The absence of a strong safety culture can cause frequent errors, high turnover, and lost revenue. Don’t just treat the symptoms — let us help you identify safety-conscious candidates so you can solve this cultural problem.

Industry Spotlight: Healthcare

Facing a global talent shortage and overwhelming demand for goods and services, organizations in every corner of the healthcare industry — from hospital systems to manufacturers to insurance providers — are experiencing complex challenges related to staffing, production, and more. To make matters more complicated, many of these challenges must be resolved remotely and urgently.

As an international authority in the science of personality and a provider of evidence-based solutions for talent acquisition and development, Hogan has been partnering with organizations in the healthcare industry for decades to help them solve problems and achieve their goals. Check out a few examples of our work to learn more about how we can help.