The Revolution in the Retail Industry

Reshaped Business Models and a Reimagined Workforce


The fourth industrial revolution has radically disrupted the retail industry. Characterized by the rapid advent of new technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence, the revolution is driving organizations to reshape their business models to meet shifting consumer demands. But as the changes take hold and the robots start work, there’s no adequate substitute for human labor — now more than ever, you need the right people in the right roles. 

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The growth in U.S. e-commerce sales in 2020, nearly triple that of the previous year

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8 in 10

The number of consumers who would defect to a competitor due to bad customer service

How We Can Help

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Maximize Soft Skills

Not surprisingly, 95% of consumers don’t want to talk to a robot while shopping, either in a store or online. For decades, we’ve helped organizations identify people with the right soft skills for jobs such as sales and management, and enabled millions of employees to develop the strategic self-awareness necessary to enhance those skills.

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Take Down Turnover

With store turnover rates as high as 81% and replacement of hourly wage employees costing on average more than $3,300 per person, turnover is a notorious evil in the retail industry. But here’s something you might not know: using personality assessments, we can help you reduce turnover by as much as 61%.

Hire Selection

Safeguard the Shopping Experience

A better customer experience starts with having the right people in the right roles. We can help you identify people whose personalities are suited to the work you need them to do — whether that work involves implementing safety measures in stores or improving the user experience on your website.


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