Turbulent Times

Talent Solutions for Transportation Organizations


With 1.5 million supply chain jobs to fill, the transportation industry’s competition for talent has been turbulent, to say the least. These talent woes are nearly universal, as 91% of industry CEOs say they need to refine their talent management initiatives. But there’s encouraging news: Gen Z and millennials are untapped (and tech-savvy!) talent pools, and a strategic approach to talent acquisition and development simplifies the route to discovering them.

Transportation_74 Percent


The amount of Gen Zers who believe pursuing skilled trades makes sense in today’s world

Transportation_4 in 10

4 in 10

The number of transportation organizations that have begun to enhance their talent initiatives

How We Can Help

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Create a Culture of Safety

The transportation industry has the second highest rate of workplace injuries, and concerns about safety may deter new talent from entering the industry. But safety training programs have long proven insufficient for accident prevention. Instead, reducing the number of accidents in an organization requires taking a hard look at the people making them. Using personality, we can help you create a more safety-conscious culture to protect your people and your business.

Hire Selection

Improve Diversity and Inclusion

Underrepresentation of women and other historically excluded groups is a problem throughout the transportation industry. In trucking, for example, women comprise just 12% of the workforce, and Black and Asian drivers only 17% and 4%, respectively. Incorporating personality into your talent strategies can help build and retain a diverse workforce, plus create lasting cultural change so employees are included and heard. Bonus: you’ll be 35% more likely to outperform your competitors.


Identify Reskillable Talent

Although the transportation industry is lagging in adoption of automation and digitization, the need for digital skills will climb in the coming years. In fact, more than 87% of organizations say they need workers who will be able to embrace new technology. But how will they identify this talent? With the world’s largest database of research on personality and job performance, we can tell you what it takes to succeed in any role — today or 10 years from now.


less accidents

See how Hogan helped a transportation company achieve 53% fewer preventable accidents.