Leader Basis

What’s Included

Leader Basis provides an in-depth preview of a manager or executive’s leadership capabilities. Will this candidate be capable of effectively leading a team and delivering results? What unique obstacles will they face? Will they be motivated to do a good job? Success is likely if organizations use this criteria to acquire new leaders.

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Companies Need a Solid Foundation

Volatility, bad communication, and micromanaging — these are the all-too-familiar characteristics of a bad boss. Incompetent hires can cost more than 150% of their annual salaries, and this loss doesn’t even include the cost of employee disengagement. Personality insight can help organizations clearly distinguish between bosses who will help and those who will harm the business.

Make Decisions with Evidence

Let decades’ worth of personality research be an objective foundation for talent decisions.

Expedite Selection

Streamline the hiring process by using data-driven selection processes.

Reduce Turnover

Put the right people in the right roles, then retain them once they’re there.

Best Use

Individual Contributors

First-level Managers

Middle Managers


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We analyze assessment data based on millions of real-world workplace performance data points to bring you the full, realistic picture of how a person will perform in a given role. See how you can use Leader Basis to gain insight into what candidates could do for your team.