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Our 2023 norm and scoring upgrade is yet another example of Hogan’s strong commitment to actively take part in the promotion of equal employment opportunity and success for all. True to our founding principles of social justice and our core purpose of helping people and organizations succeed using data-driven talent insights, we believe people have the right to be evaluated using the most relevant, accurate, and up-to-date psychometric data.

More Response Options

Historically, we asked people to respond to statements on the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), our measure of day-to-day personality, and the Hogan Development Survey (HDS), our measure of derailers, using True or False responses. In September 2018, we increased the response options to four: Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Agree, and Strongly Agree. This broader range of choices allows participants to select answers that better reflect how they feel.

More Representative Norm Samples

After four years of using the four response options, we collected enough data to update our global normative sample and all 39 local norms. This required time and hard work, but we are clear on why it has been worth our efforts: our assessments have always been known for their ability to predict job performance and avoid adverse impact, and today they are stronger than ever.

For our clients that have a global footprint like we do, this upgrade has many benefits. Our 2023 global normative sample is based on the latest data gathered by Hogan, making it highly representative of the modern global workforce. With this new norm comes a better representation of work-relevant demographics, such as age, gender, job family, industry, and assessment language.


More Precise Scoring

As part of the upgrade, Hogan is implementing a new scoring method for greater measurement precision in main and subscale scores. This will result in an improved feedback experience for candidates and others who rely on the accuracy of Hogan data. Because we can now make finer distinctions in how people score, clients should find results to be even more “on target,” particularly at the subscale level.


These benefits only stand to improve our assessments’ psychometric qualities and our solutions’ ability to predict work success without producing adverse impact. With a more diverse and representative norm group, Hogan’s assessments are now more reliable than ever before.

For specific questions, or to learn more, please review our 2023 Norm and Scoring Upgrade FAQ or contact your Hogan consultant.