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Higher Retention Rates

Hogan partnered with a business services company that helps other companies reduce their medical insurance premiums. We built a Health Assistant selection profile to address their ongoing struggle with high turnover in this position. The profile used a combination of HPI, HDS, and MVPI scales to improve on-the-job performance and decrease turnover. Health Assistants who fit the profile received higher overall performance ratings and were three times more likely to be rated as a strong performer compared to those not fitting the profile. We found that customer-focused Health Assistants who stay on task and translate ideas into working solutions are more likely to stay and be successful at the company.


  • Insensitive to other’s needs (low HPI Interpersonal Sensitivity)
  • Easily distracted (high HDS Imaginative)
  • Prefers working alone (low MVPI Affiliation)

Those who fit the Hogan profile were nearly 13 times more likely to stay with the company compared to those not fitting the profile.