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Decreasing High-Potential Turnover

Hogan collaborated with a global information-technology company to develop high-potential talent across the organization. We found that employees who proactively communicate, act decisively, willingly accept challenges, and tolerate ambiguity are more likely to advance and receive promotions. Hogan created a High-Potential selection profile comprised of multiple HPI, HDS, and MVPI scales to decrease turnover. Results showed that High Potential employees who make decisions slowly and appear reluctant to take independent action are more likely to leave the company.


  • Reserved and avoids social interaction (low HPI Sociability)
  • Micromanaging and resistant to change (high HDS Diligent)
  • Demands public acknowledgment (high MVPI Recognition)

The High-Potential sample’s baseline turnover equaled 32% prior to Hogan. Four years later, nearly all High Potentials remained at the company.