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About Academic Collaborations

Hogan collaborates with graduate students and professors around the world on research activities involving our assessments. Generally, we offer several types of academic collaborations:

  • Students collect data using the Hogan tool for a thesis, dissertation or class research project. We help set up and manage the logistics of collecting data using our assessments.
  • Professors use the Hogan tools to collect data for their own personal research. The Hogan research department provides support to gather data on our platforms.
  • Academics with a particular research question in mind use data from the Hogan archive, which contains predictor and criterion data for tens of thousands of individuals. The archive contains information on a variety of research studies, including criterion-related validity, validity generalization, content validity, job analysis, and competency mappings.
  • Students request information about the assessments, reports, and pricing structure for class papers and presentations. Hogan can provide some basic information; however, it is ideal if students have specific questions about our assessments.

Whether you are a Master’s student working on your thesis, a Ph.D. student collecting data for your dissertation, a professor looking for support on lab research, or a student writing a class paper or presentation, Hogan is excited to partner with you. Please see the form below to apply.


How can I learn more about the Hogan suite of assessments?

Our Assessment Brochure contains information on our three core assessments. The Hogan website has a variety of free information such as HDS video clips, a Hogan scale reference guide, HPI subscale guide, MVPI subscale guide, and many other resources. We also have our Science of Personality film featuring interviews from our President, Robert Hogan, and other thought leaders.

Will Hogan provide reliability and validity information or manuals?

We do not provide free technical manuals, but we can provide answers to specific questions regarding reliability and validity information or manual chapters that address your needs.


If you’d like full technical manuals, you can purchase them in our bookstore. They range in price from $45 to $75.

Can I get examples of items on the HPI/HDS/MVPI?

Here are examples of HPI items, HDS items, and MVPI items.

How much does the HPI/HDS/MVPI cost?

It is difficult to provide information about the cost because we charge for solutions (e.g., reports, data feeds, off-the-shelf, etc.). Reports can range from $15 to $200 for off-the-shelf selection reports depending on selected assessments and the content of the report.

We can provide more precise information if you have a specific report and/or solution in mind. Our website has information on our line of products.

Academic Research Program Application

Hogan requires all parties interested in academic research to complete our application process. The application process provides Hogan with information on the topic of interest, research design, and proposed timeline. After submitting an application, please allow 2-4 weeks to process the request.

We welcome any questions you have concerning this application. Please email us with additional questions.