Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory

What’s Included

The first measure of reasoning ability designed to predict real-world performance in a business setting, the Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory evaluates two kinds of reasoning: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative reasoning involves using data visualization, logic, and verbal information, and quantitative reasoning involves using mathematical and spatial information. Considering these two types of reasoning together gives organizations a clear sense of how employees and leaders solve problems.

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Test Reasoning Styles

While some roles call for employees to focus on solving the problems in front of them, others require prioritizing which problems to solve in the first place. Many roles demand a mix of these two approaches. The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory defines individual problem-solving style so employees and leaders can better understand their unique approaches, make more informed decisions, and gain developmental insight.

Make Decisions with Evidence

Let decades’ worth of personality research be an objective foundation for talent decisions

Improve Performance

Give your newest and most established employees the developmental insight they need to succeed

Reduce Turnover

Identify your strongest performers and motivate them to grow into tenured employees

Best Use

Individual Contributors

First-level Managers

Middle Managers


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We analyze assessment data, based on millions of real-world workplace performance data points, so we can help the members of your organization thrive and avoid derailment. See how you can use the Hogan Business Inventory to increase strategic self-awareness and boost performance.