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Senior leadership development doesn’t have to be siloed.

The Hogan Leadership Experience, or HLX, connects the vital components of leadership development to improve team performance.

Bring together everything leaders need

  • Precise personality assessments designed specifically for leaders

  • Tailored development plans feature manageable actions

  • Long-term executive coaching to ensure goals are achieved

We simplified decades of leadership research to build a practical model that gives leaders a shortcut to the actionable feedback they need.

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It all starts with four domains.

A domain summarizes a broad area of multi-dimensional leadership demands which combine to influence a leader’s effectiveness in achieving team and organizational results in a given performance context.

Each domain breaks down into two dimensions.

Dimensions integrate two complementary behaviors that interact and affect how others experience a leader’s approach to a given leadership demand.

The dimensions then break down into two behaviors each.

Behaviors provide in-depth insight into the typical way a leader responds to a specific leadership requirement, based on a combination of personality attributes.

What’s Included

Leaders Learning Together

All members of your leadership development cohort will attend a group learning session. During the session, a seasoned leadership expert will challenge participants’ views of leadership and familiarize them with the HLX model.

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Engaging assessment experience

Unlike other assessments, HLX is specifically designed to help business leaders understand how their personalities affect their job performance. Everything about HLX was designed to captivate leaders’ attention and equip them to achieve greater success.

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One-on-One Coaching

Coaching is the most-requested learning modality by leaders. Our expert coaches will maximize the value of your leadership development program by guiding executives to set (and achieve) unique goals to optimize team performance.

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Limited Access Available

The Hogan Leadership Experience is currently available for select companies. Apply now to request access.