Assessing Global Talent: Using Personality for Talent Across Asia and the Globe

Assessing Global Talent

Krista Pederson, director of Asia-Pacific business development at Hogan, spoke at the 42nd International Congress on Assessment Center Methods and Developing Leadership Talent, held in Shanghai from November 13 to November 15, 2019.

In a presentation titled “Assessing Global Talent: Using Personality for Talent Across Asia and the Globe,” Pederson discussed leadership across cultures. She explained how Hogan does assessment translations and uses local and global norms. She also shared Hogan’s unique point of view on cross-cultural topics, including our focus on researching leadership personality within a country’s borders, instead of cross-cultural constructs across countries or regions.

Pederson’s presentation was completely full, as were many of the other conference sessions. More than 50 CEOs, leaders, and top business and psychology professors gave presentations about leadership development and assessment centers. Keynote speakers included Sharif Khan, GEO HR GM for Microsoft, Asia; William C. Byham, PhD, DDI co-founder and executive chairman; and He Jinghua, vice dean of Tencent College. The conference was well attended—more than 350 CEOs, CHROs, and other business leaders joined.

Global interest in assessment and talent selection is increasing, especially in China. The market in China is diversifying, with fewer state-owned enterprises and multinational corporations and a rise in the number of privately owned enterprises. As diversification occurs, there is a rapidly increasing need for using data and assessments to solve talent issues across all levels of organizations.

Hogan has millions of data points on the global market and has done robust studies on personality in Asia and around the globe. We plan to continue our investment and growth in the Asia-Pacific market and look forward to working with our distribution network to meet the needs of the privately owned enterprises that are experiencing rapid growth and looking for a scientific, data-based talent metric.

If your company is interested in using Hogan in China or elsewhere in Asia, let us know. We are happy to work with our distributors to solve your talent needs.