Blue Coach Delivers Results on and off the Court

home01Leadership is the most important single factor determining success in business. At Hogan, we believe good leaders are those who are able to build and maintain high performing teams. At Blue CoachSrdjan Vukcevic, the company’s founder and CEO, has been able to do that and so much more.

In addition to assembling a team that has positioned Blue Coach as Montenegro’s premier firm in delivering executive coaching, management consulting, and assessment-based solutions, Srdjan and his team have the opportunity to help others do that same at their organizations. As the Chinese proverb says: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

In the first edition of the Distributor Spotlight Series for 2018, Srdjan provides a breakdown of the services Blue Coach offers, and how combining his team’s expertise with Hogan’s assessments has made a significant impact across a variety of industries and organizations.

Blue Coach’s vision is to be the best we can be, to continue to learn and grow for the sake of our company, clients, and community, and eventually become a widely recognized brand in the HR and leadership development industry. We appreciate our clients and partners and the confidence they have placed and continue to place in us. We strive to excel in our industry by being as scientific and professional as we can be. Our focus on customer service and customer experience is something we are very proud of.

Blue Coach is known as the pioneer of the executive coaching industry in Montenegro and the Adriatic – SEE region. For the past 10 years, we have been working with executives, business owners, and their teams in order to measurably/significantly improve their leadership and organizational effectiveness. Our client list includes multi-national corporations covering a wide range of industries and over 100 privately owned companies. Since 2014, we have been an official distributor of Hogan Assessments and, even though we started our company in 2008, we feel the real growth of our business started in 2014 when we partnered with Hogan.


We love Hogan. Period. It influences our business decisions, our life decisions, and we feel completely fulfilled with the work we are all doing together. Its powerful insights into human nature and how that translates into the real world of business, leadership, and performance is outstanding. All of our coaches and consultants rely heavily on Hogan to assess, decide about leadership areas for improvement, and for conducting our executive coaching sessions and programs. We know how to coach and with Hogan we know better what to coach and how to coach it for the sake of the company and for the leader being coached.

As in sports, coaching is never about bringing out positive aspects. Athletes are used to constant day-to-day feedback about their performance. Also, everything is immediately visible in sports and feedback is necessary for skilled performance. Only the best can survive the feedback and play.

Why is this different in organizations? There are at least two reasons: time and visibility – results are not immediate and publicly visible like they are in sports. This gives space for troubadours to move up the ladder, to hide, and play politics instead of achieving results. All the Hogan science talks clearly about this and that is why we at Blue Coach can connect to this and find it in our business practice. Better yet – with Hogan we can see how likely it is for this to happen.

Successful people know what they are good at. They need a real life sparring partner to fine-tune their leadership behavior and bring to the surface the negative, the shortcomings, the derailers, and the overused strengths. Coaching is also about acting as a behavioral conscience for the leader. That means that you know what they are doing wrong and that you are consistent in getting them back on performance track – either by addressing the delusions or by clearing up for the natural way of constant feedback to flow from the team and to the team.

Blue Coach also works with sports coaches and athletes to develop effective inter/intrapersonal strategies and to achieve better results. Similar to common leadership development initiatives, Blue Coach helps coaches and athletes become strategically self-aware of how others perceive them. With this information, they can see a clear path to develop both personally and professionally.

The Hogan research team and Blue Coach together explored personality in sports context. Namely, with the collaborative support of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, our research on sports performance and observations of team success (or lack of it) shows clear evidence of the influential role of personality in individual performance and social team interactions. Great athletes look alike and great coaches look alike as well.

We believe that great athletes and successful coaches, as well as great leaders, never accept that they have achieved the ultimate success, and therefore are always working to get better. As Dragan Adzic, a two-time consecutive World Handball Coach of the Year says, “…respect what you have already achieved, and do your best to achieve even more.”

Let’s talk and work!