CEO X 1 Day Winners

CEOx1day copyAfter a rigorous selection process designed to gauge student’s leadership potential that began last October, Odgers Berndston, a leading global executive search firm, has identified 11 Canadian students to spend a day shadowing some of the country’s top senior executives in the company’s launch of CEO X 1 Day. Students in their third and fourth year of university study were selected after a three stage application process of academic record review, Hogan leadership and personality assessment results, and phone interviews.

Spotlight: Katerina Fragos, one of the 11 students chosen to participate in the program, will spend a day shadowing Manon Brouillette, the president and COO of Videotron. Even the selection process was rewarding for Fragos:

“Even though the final round was a competition, the Odgers Berndston team treated it more like a training workshop,” says Fragos. “I knew that even if I wasn’t selected, I would leave with a new understanding of my strengths and weaknesses as a leader.”

Pairing different generations together in a work setting has a twofold purpose, Odgers Bernsten stated in a recent press release: students will have the opportunity to ask, learn, and understand the complexities of leading a top company while participating CEOs will gain valuable insights into what drives the next generation of leaders.

See the press release with a partial list of winners.