Distributor Spotlight: Infelligent Strengthens Hogan Brand in Greater China Region

Building a global brand is a challenge under even the most favorable circumstances. At Hogan, we never attempted to introduce our assessments and products directly to the masses. Instead, we aimed to find valuable partners in various regions across the world who would help us build our brand. This is effective for several reasons, but the familiarity these partners have with their region is the primary factor.Infelligent1

It should come as no surprise that any organization looking to expand internationally would place an emphasis on the Greater China Region. With booming economic growth, this area has become a major business hub across all industries, presenting Hogan with a great opportunity to continue its mission of improving the global workforce.

To help with that mission, Hogan added Infelligent Coaching & Consulting in Taiwan as part of the Hogan Distributor Network. In just a few years since joining the Hogan team, Infelligent has far exceeded expectations and has significantly raised awareness about Hogan through the scope and magnitude of their work. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of a project that highlights the quality of what Infelligent offers its clients: 

In 2013, Infelligent Coaching & Consulting, a high-caliber team of human resources solution providers with more than 20 years of experience became an official distributor of Hogan Assessments in Taiwan. Over the past four years, Infelligent worked with Hogan in the localization of Hogan assessments into traditional Chinese, offering targeted and scientific personality assessment, executive coaching, action learning programs and training workshops, performance assessment reports and more to Taiwan’s business community. Infelligent not only successfully assisted numerous multinational and publicly listed domestic companies to implement highly effective organizational and personal development programs, it also helped endless managers in achieving higher performance at work and personal lives for a better work-life balance. At the same time, Infelligent has established Hogan’s leading position in the market as the gold standard in assessment solutions.  

Founder Jim Hwang states that one of the advantages of being an authorized Hogan distributor, apart from the obvious one of better overall business performance, is a more solid and long-term client relationship. Clients have become more like partners who trust and support one another, rather than being just clients. Joining the Hogan Distributor Network is clearly the right direction for Infelligent. The benefits showed immediately, particularly in the case of President Chain Corp that manages 7-Eleven, one of the biggest convenience store retailers in Taiwan.   

In 2013, Infelligent undertook a Hogan assessment consulting project for President Chain Corp. In a span of three years, the talent selection system at President has transformed from traditional, human-based and performance-oriented processes into a science-based and data-supported assessment system that supports personal development for executives and nurtures a highly energetic and effective organization. More importantly, after the first thousand days, the entire senior management team at President Chain Corp. was more cohesive than ever. The new system has effectively prevented the possibility of talent loss. And the steady growth in three consecutive years further proved these changes worked.

Some of the concrete results from implementing Hogan Assessments at President Chain Store Corp. by Infelligent Coaching & Consulting included:  

  1. Assisted President Chain Store in conducting assessment development and action planning programs for more than 500 high-level executives. The company’s investment and show of commitment invigorated employees, further building up their loyalty;
  2. Facilitated more than 10 employees to become certified Hogan coaches and successfully fused Hogan’s system into the innovative processes and vocabulary inside the organization; and
  3. Expanded the learning impact upward to parent company – Uni-President Enterprises Corp., which is biggest the manufactory company in food industry, and duplicated the successful experiences in talent assessment and development for its talent selection processes. 

Infelligent has facilitated many organizations in creating success stories like this, proving the effectiveness and value of Hogan Assessments over and over again with each of them.  


These success stories and endeavors of the Infelligent team has further raised Hogan’s brand exposure. When Dr. Robert Hogan, founder of Hogan Assessments visited Taiwan in 2015 by the invitation of Infelligent, he was interviewed by Business Weekly Magazine, one of the most prominent business publications in Taiwan. During the exclusive interview, he offered insightful views on personality assessments and talent development. Through the exposure on this high-profile magazine, more and more organizations came to learn about Hogan’s solutions. After the visit, Dr. Hogan expressed his appreciation for Infelligent’s expertise in utilizing Hogan Assessments to support talent selection strategies, build up Hogan’s influence in the industry, and establish Hogan’s leading position in the Greater China region. Dr. Hogan is also confident that the relationship between Hogan and Infelligent will continue to strengthen and soar in the future.   

And for Infelligent, it is strongly committed to the partnership with Hogan. Infelligent is confident that Hogan will continue to develop more innovative and relevant assessment tools tailored to not only corporate needs but also for personal development to shed insight on individual strengths and development areas, to ignite inner passion, to drive change from inner reflection, and to bring success for the team, organization, work, personal life, and for society.