G’day out there from Hoganland


PCL’s Dr. Geoff Trickey (L) and PBC’s Shayne Nealon (R) take a moment to celebrate a triumphant tour

I have just returned from another fantastic voyage to the East. And since this e-postcard has only so much room to spare, I’ll cut right to the chase. It was my absolute pleasure traveling to and across Australia as I accompanied Peter Berry Consultancy (Hogan’s premier distributor) for their 2019 Thought Leadership Forum. This series of events featured the Australian Psychological Society’s biannual I/O Psychology Conference (IOP) as a capstone, of which PBC continues to be the sole platinum sponsor.

The following was just some of my report from the antipodes:

  • The PBC Hogan User conferences in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide were each a huge success. With legendary style, Peter Berry, Managing Director and Shayne Nealon, Managing Partner of PBC delivered presentations on client case studies and the latest innovations on the Hogan 360. A special highlight was when an executive from Australia’s national cricket team gave a ripper presentation on their usage of Hogan and the benefits it has brought to the organization. Public and private sector executives, academics, consultants and coaches were all in attendance.
  • Dr. Geoff Trickey, founder of Hogan’s elite UK distributor PCL, not only presented on his well-researched Risk Type Compass (a metric for measuring risk appetite and the behaviors associated with eight different risk orientations), he also won “Best Paper” at the IOP event for a related study. Go Geoff!
  • Speaking of IOP, the well-oiled machine that is the PBC team captivated several audiences across the conference halls with their engaging talent management topics:
    • Mark Do: Contemporary trends in personality and leadership assessment: Where are we now and where are we headed
    • Adrien Chew: Observed leadership behavior around the world: Exploring reputational differences of leaders across countries using 360s.
    • Kalani Koswatta Liyanage: What makes an effective leader? The impact of gender and personality on perceived leadership effectiveness.
    • Dr. Lynne Cruickshank: (1) Personality and High Performing Teams: Examining the relationship between personality and team performance. / (2) Engaging a Multi-Generational Workforce: Investigating differences in Values and Personality.
  • I’d also like to take a moment here to state my gratitude to Hogan’s Drs. Darin Nei and Brandon Ferrell, and PBC’s Dr. Lynne Cruickshank for their invaluable contributions as co-authors on a cross cultural paper featuring the Hogan360 (a topic which was also presented across the events). It was recently accepted by a peer-reviewed journal for publication. Congratulations you three! More to come on that soon…

If you didn’t get a chance to join and want to know more about these highly interesting topics, please contact a PBC consultant for more information related to any of the above. They are always happy to oblige. Wait…did you not know any of this was happening? You must not be on the PBC Newsletter. I highly suggest you enroll!

Well, until next time my friends,

Your devoted Asia Pacific correspondent, resident blogger, and current Hogan Senior Strategist,

Michael Sanger