Hogan Announces Personality Guidance AG as New Distributor

A graphic showing the logo for Personality Guidance AG, a new authorized distributor for Hogan's personality assessments in Switzerland

Hogan is excited to announce Personality Guidance AG as the newest member of the Hogan International Distributors Network, covering the market for personality assessments in Switzerland.

Headquartered in Zürich, Personality Guidance offers talent acquisition and talent development solutions, as well as coaching and team development. The organization was founded in April 2021 by CEO and longtime Hogan practitioner, Nicole Neubauer. Neubauer has been active in the Swiss market since 2005.

“Nicole has a been strong Hogan advocate for nearly two decades, combining her wealth of expertise in personality psychology with an unwavering commitment to helping organizations thrive,” said Hogan CEO Wendy Howell Hogan. “She has a proven track record of success, and we look forward to the big things she has planned with this new endeavor.”

The team Neubauer has assembled at Personality Guidance has an in-depth knowledge of the Swiss market, in both the German-speaking Deutschschweiz region and the French-speaking Romandy region. Personality Guidance will be delivering Hogan certification workshops in Zürich, Lausanne, and Geneva.

“With my experience as a Hogan distributor for more than fifteen years, Personality Guidance will be a strong voice for Hogan in the very dynamic Swiss market and its Swiss Market Index companies,” said Neubauer. “But there are also many thousands of very successful small and medium companies in Switzerland that are niche players on the global market and have great potential to become new Hogan clients.” 

As Hogan’s authorized distributor in Switzerland, Personality Guidance advises on placement, selection, and development decisions. The company’s top priority is always to find a custom solution that focuses on individual personality and contributions to a company or organization.

To learn more about Personality Guidance AG, visit personalityguidance.ch.