Distributor Spotlight: Psychological Consultancy Ltd.


Psychological Consultancy Ltd (PCL) was Hogan’s very first international distributor. Based in the United Kingdom, PCL has a robust portfolio of psychometric assessments and consulting expertise and supports clients globally. The team pride themselves on their work to enhance talent acquisition, talent development, and engagement decisions and empower individuals, teams, and organizations.

About the Team

Founded in 1992, PCL quickly became one of the U.K.’s leading evidence-based assessment solution providers. Inspired by Hogan’s mission to reunite assessment practices with personality research, CEO Geoff Trickey and Chief Psychologist Gillian Hyde worked closely with the Drs. Robert and Joyce Hogan to trigger an exciting period of innovation with the publication of the U.K. edition of the Hogan Personality Inventory in 1997, followed shortly by the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory and Hogan Development Survey in 1998. Hogan assessments were not very well known in the U.K. at the time, so PCL helped to secure speaking opportunities for the Hogans at prominent U.K. conferences. PCL also submitted the Hogan instruments for review by the British Psychological Society.

Both Trickey and Hyde are leading psychologists in personality research, and PCL’s team of highly qualified consultant psychologists have enjoyed this close working relationship with Hogan Assessment Systems for nearly 25 years. As one of the world’s most experienced HDS users, Hyde has a particular interest in the dark side and is currently focusing her research on challenging biases and assumptions about personality.

Challenging Assumptions About Personality: The Bright Side of Neuroticism

All too often, research into personality and performance at work consigns neurotics to the scrap heap of undesirable candidates or employees. But neuroticism is a normally distributed characteristic, so this negative categorization applies to a substantial proportion of the available talent pool. Hyde is interested in switching the focus from the downsides associated with neurotic personalities to the potential advantages of this characteristic, and in creating awareness of the types of jobs or roles that might make the best use of these talents. She has identified five key positive characteristics associated with neuroticism and is exploring themes for ideal jobs or work environments that bring out the best in neurotics.

To learn more, you can check out her episode on Hogan’s Science of Personality podcast.