Hogan to Speak at the Association of Test Publishers

ATPRyan Ross and Jocelyn Hays will present at the 2013 Innovations in Testing Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, February 3-6. The conference fosters innovation by showcasing the latest technologies and encouraging relationships among the diverse group of attendees.

Innovations in Leadership Assessment: Research, Instrumentation, and Technology
This session will explore innovations in leadership assessment from several standpoints including: technology innovations that have provided accessible and affordable leadership assessment, research of evidence-based assessment practice opportunities leveraging longitudinal needs analyses and validation results, and a review of trends in leadership derailment and impacts on organizational effectiveness.
Ryan Ross, Vice President of Hogan Global Alliances 

Developing Model Request for Proposal (RFP) Guidelines for the Assessment Industry
This panel discussion will feature perspectives from both assessment providers and firms that use assessments regarding the RFP process, how it can be standardized, and how we might move forward with developing appropriate process guidelines.Innovations in Leadership Assessment: Research, Instrumentation, and Technology.

Pre-Employment Assessments: Expanding the Scope beyond Employee Selection
This session will explore the use of assessments for purposes beyond employee selection and audiences beyond job candidates and incumbents. 
Jocelyn Hays, Hogan Consultant