Hogan’s Krista Pederson Tours Indonesia with Experd Consulting

KP IndonesiaHogan’s distributor in Indonesia, Experd Consulting, welcomed Krista Pederson, director of Asia Pacific business development at Hogan, to Jakarta. While she was there, the group visited the University of Indonesia’s psychology department, where Krista alongside Emilia Jakob, Experd’s vice president, taught a class on “Hogan Personality Assessments and Cross-Cultural Leadership” at a department-wide event.  Afterward, they spent time with the dean of the psychology department discussing potential cooperation and research projects.

During Krista’s time in Jakarta, Eileen Rachmann, CEO of Experd, arranged several business development meetings with major Indonesian banks and financial institutions to discuss using Hogan for talent and leader selection, especially with regard to making sure there is a company culture fit. Krista also shared Hogan’s findings on what Indonesian leaders’ personalities look like as compared to the leader personalities of their major trading partners, Japan, India, US, South Korea, and Singapore.

Hogan has found that emergent leaders in Indonesia tend to be higher on Prudence, Inquisitive, and Learning Approach, compared to the leaders of their top trading partners. Although this doesn’t provide information about effective leaders, it does provide an interesting context for Indonesian leaders when working with leaders and teams from other countries. We intend to continue our research into this area, especially with regard to what effective leader personalities in Indonesia look like.

Finally, Krista met Experd ‘s Hogan team and toured the Experd office building. Experd has been working on expanding its cooperation with several higher institutions across Indonesia using Hogan and looks forward to greater growth in the coming years.